You are currently viewing Capricorn Weekly Horoscope: August 7 To August 13, 2023

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope: August 7 To August 13, 2023

Hey, Capricorn! Get ready for an exciting and passionate week ahead! The Sun is moving through your eighth house, intensifying your emotions and bringing a surge of intimacy and desire into your life. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, your heart will beat faster, and you’ll feel a strong connection with others.

Single Sea Goats are eyeing attractive candidates with enthusiasm, while couples are seeking private time for exciting escapades. It’s a time of exploration and new experiences that can spice up your love life!

On Wednesday, August 9, the Sun clashes with volatile Uranus in your flirty and passionate fifth house. You might face a decision between a no-strings fling and a close, lasting connection. While combining the two would be ideal, you could be dealing with mutually exclusive options.

If you’re in a relationship and tempted to stray, pause and consider the consequences. Trust is vital in any relationship, and betraying your partner’s trust could cause irreparable damage. Instead, focus on nurturing the bond you already have and finding ways to deepen your connection.

Capricorn, remember that open communication and honesty are key to maintaining a strong and healthy relationship. Enjoy the excitement and passion in your life while being mindful of the impact your choices can have on your future.

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