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Leo Horoscope For July 25th, 2023

Leo, today’s restorative quarter moon in Scorpio brings a focus on your fourth house of home and family. You may find yourself yearning for some cozy time in your own space. Consider taking a “personal day” to indulge in a restorative domestic moment. If inspiration strikes, treat yourself to an Extremely Chill Home Makeover—no need for major renovations, just rearrange some furniture, add a crystal, or rotate the art to refresh your living space. If you do have to work, try to speed through tasks and delegate where possible, allowing you to prioritize your home and loved ones.

For professional Leos, now is the time to compete and aim for the top. Don’t hesitate to change your attitude towards some colleagues if it helps you progress. It’s a moment to go after recognition and acclaim, so put your best foot forward in your endeavors, whether at work or in other aspects of life. Embrace opportunities to showcase your talents and leadership abilities, as success and recognition may be within your reach. Make your bid for the spotlight, and let your natural charisma shine brightly.

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