You are currently viewing Leo Weekly Horoscope: 24 – 30 July, 2023

Leo Weekly Horoscope: 24 – 30 July, 2023

Hey, Leo! It’s natural to sometimes feel resentment about the past and the things you wish had been different. But this week, let go of dwelling on what could have been and focus on shaping your future. Channel your energy into fixing what you can and creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. You have more power than you realize, and with a positive mindset, you can achieve great things!

On the career front, those aspiring to join skill-enhancing courses will be rewarded handsomely. Your money-making efforts will be profitable, especially if you explore new ideas and plans. Engage in interesting conversations that showcase your ability to stand out in the crowd, bringing you popularity and recognition. This week, make time for relaxation and entertainment to keep yourself balanced.

In your relationships, prioritize resolving conflicts amicably to nurture romantic friendships. Take care of your health with extra attention and care.

During this Venus retrograde, you’re reevaluating your relationship with yourself and your authenticity. Embrace the changes in taste, rediscover past pleasures, and explore the aspects of your identity you used to write off. Journal, talk, or brainstorm to understand who you are and who you want to be. This is a time for reinvention and embracing a new era in your life. Be playful, knowing that nothing is permanent.

As Mercury meets with Venus, communicate your authentic self and share your newfound growth. Mercury’s entry into your house of personal resources encourages you to get specific about your budget and spending. Take the time to figure out the true value of things and explore potential opportunities to sell items.

Leo, this week is about empowerment, self-discovery, and embracing change. Believe in your abilities, make positive choices, and set your sights on a bright future. Focus on your authenticity and let your true self shine. Have fun along the way, and remember, you have the power to create a life filled with success and joy!

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