You are currently viewing Libra Weekly Horoscope: August 7 To August 13, 2023

Libra Weekly Horoscope: August 7 To August 13, 2023

Libra, get ready for an exciting week ahead! As an air sign, you usually prefer to remain calm, cool, and collected, carefully choosing when to wear your heart on your sleeve. However, this week, you’ll experience a surge of emotions on Wednesday, August 9.

The Sun is currently in joyful Leo, energizing your community center for a month. But watch out for a biannual square with unpredictable Uranus in stubborn Taurus, activating your intense and jealous eighth house. This might bring forth strong feelings that take you by surprise, like a tsunami. Embrace the intensity, but remember to tread carefully, especially in matters of the heart.

If you’re single, be mindful of where your romantic interests lead you. Falling into a romantic rabbit hole might be tempting, but make sure to take your time and assess the situation before diving in headfirst. Keeping someone in the friend zone could be a wise choice until you’ve gathered essential information about their relationship status.

For those already in a relationship, avoid harmless flirting with coworkers or friends of friends. Even innocent actions could backfire and cause unnecessary drama. Instead, focus on understanding your own feelings and communicating openly with your partner.

This cosmic influence might inspire unconventional thoughts and behaviors, including bedroom experiments. If you and your partner are considering trying something new, ensure you discuss it beforehand and establish boundaries with a safe word.

Libra, while this week might be emotionally charged, it’s an opportunity for growth and connection. Embrace the intensity with a positive outlook, and remember that communication and understanding are the keys to navigating any challenges that come your way.

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