You are currently viewing Pisces Weekly Horoscope: August 7 To August 13, 2023

Pisces Weekly Horoscope: August 7 To August 13, 2023

Hello, compassionate Pisces! This week might have some challenges in store, but fear not! Your kindhearted nature and optimism will guide you through any storm that comes your way.

On Wednesday, August 9, the skies may feel a bit volatile, with a stressful square between the Sun in dramatic Leo in your sixth house of productivity and disruptor Uranus in your communication zone. You might feel overloaded and on the verge of a meltdown. But don’t worry; you can avoid that by recognizing the warning signs and taking a step back.

Instead of multitasking and putting out fires that don’t belong to you, take a moment to assess your priorities. Figure out which tasks can be deprioritized, outsourced, or collaborated on. And here’s a novel idea: consider letting go of tasks that you can forget about altogether. Remember, it’s okay to seek help and delegate when needed.

Are you feeling the need to prove yourself, Pisces? Let go of that pressure! Don’t be afraid to renegotiate deadlines and deliverables, and most importantly, be honest with yourself and others. You don’t have to play the superhero all the time. It’s okay to show your human side and take care of yourself.

Do as much as you can and as well as you can, but remember to tap the brakes before burnout. If there’s an assignment that doesn’t resonate with you, it’s okay to pass on it. Focus on tasks that align with your heart and passion, and you’ll find renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Pisces, embrace the week with your characteristic positivity and compassion. By being kind to yourself and managing your workload wisely, you’ll overcome any challenges that come your way. Keep shining your radiant light, and remember that it’s okay to take a step back and prioritize your well-being!

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