You are currently viewing Scorpio Horoscope For July 28th, 2023

Scorpio Horoscope For July 28th, 2023

Hey there, Scorpio! Exciting times are ahead as expressive Mercury makes its way into your eleventh house of teamwork and tech for an extended stay! Get ready to experience a cosmic boost to your digital presence – anything you share or tweet could potentially go viral until October 4! So, make sure to showcase the best of you, as this is your time to shine!

However, it’s important to be mindful of Mercury’s retrograde period from August 23 to September 15. During this time, take extra care with your messages and online interactions to avoid any unintended repercussions from insensitive missives. Before August 23, ensure your technology is up to date and your important data is safely password-protected, so you can sail smoothly through this phase.

On the social front, embrace the power of networking and attend industry events. Rub elbows with thought leaders and connect with like-minded souls; you’ll find comfort and inspiration in group outings. It’s the perfect time to rekindle friendships with kindred spirits who may have drifted away. Surround yourself with good friends and stimulating conversations – your social circle will play a significant role in your happiness and success.

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